Cooling and Air Conditioning Ballarat

Seeking instant relief from the searing Summer Heat? Waldron Heating, Cooling and Hot Water have your cooling needs covered with Breamar or Brivis Ducted Evaporative Cooling systems, Fujitsu Reverse Cycle Split Systems or ActronAir, Braemar and Fujitsu Ducted Systems.

Evaporative Cooling from Waldron Heating, Cooling & Hot Water

What is Evaporative Cooling & How does it work?

Evaporative Cooling is a cooling system that transfers warm air from outside through wet cooling pads inside the Evaporative Cooling Unit (generally on your roof) and into your home via a series of ducts. A pump inside the unit wets the cooling pads and a fan is used to draw the air from the outside through the cooling pads and is then used to circulate the cool air throughout the home. The effect is a type of cooling similar to a ‘fresh sea breeze’ where warm air in your home is replaced with fresh cool air.

Does Evaporative Cooling use much power? Evaporative Cooling uses very little power compared to refrigerated cooling systems as the only component using power is the fan unit. Power usage has been compared with running a light bulb with running costs as low as approximately 5 cents an hour compared to an estimated 30 – 35 cents an hour for a typical Reverse Cycle Split System!

Do I need my windows open with Evaporative Cooling? Yes. As Ducted Evaporative Cooling introduces a large volume of cool air into your home from the outside you will need to have some windows open to accommodate for the air movement. Generally this is one window in each room and the window only needs to be open approximately 10 centimetres.

Does Evaporative Cooling work in the Ballarat Climate? Absolutely, in fact the slightly cooler climate in our region is perfect for Evaporative Cooling. Evaporative Cooling tends to struggle in very humid climates so the fact that Ballarat has minimal humidity and also has very few days over 40 degrees in Summer, means it works brilliantly in our region.

Can I use Evaporative Cooling at night? Definitely! Ducted Evaporative Cooling is perfect to sleep under on a warm Summer night. It is quiet and as the air is cool fresh air it allows you to sleep without waking up freezing like you do with refrigerated cooling system. Externally the Evaporative Cooling Units are normally quiet enough to not cause the neighbours any concern at night either! What better way to help the kids sleep on a hot Summer night than with a fresh sea breeze from your Ducted Evaporative Cooling System from Waldron Heating Cooling & Hotwater!

Brivis Brivis
When it comes to Ducted Air Conditioning or Ducted Gas Heating products and services, Brivis is a leading designer and manufacturer in Australia. With over 50 years of experience in the industry, and the winner of numerous industry awards, the Brivis name has become synonymous with quality and reliability.
Braemar Braemar
Braemar are an award winning Australian manufacturer of Ducted Gas Heating & Evaporative Cooling. A trusted Australian brand for over 50 years, Braemar has a reputation for innovation, energy efficiency, engineering excellence and unsurpassed quality.
ActronAir ActronAir
ActronAir is Australia’s largest locally owned air conditioning manufacturer, and for over 30 years has been innovating to produce the best, most energy efficient products possible, specifically designed to operate in Australia’s unique climate conditions. With one of the widest product ranges available, we are sure that you will be able to find the right ActronAir solution to suit your needs.
Fujitsu Fujitsu
Australia’s favourite Air is also Australia’s largest supplier of high quality wall hung Reverse Cycle Split Systems and Ducted Air Conditioning Systems. Be it for a small bedroom or a large living space, Fujitsu’s combination of technology, insight & design will provide the air conditioning solution for you.
MyAir MyAir
Comfort is feeling totally in control – so MyAir gives you 10 zones and the power to adjust the airflow to every room. Click here to view the latest brochure or watch the latest video